Nubie Jump Smash Tricks

           Smash is the most important thing on badminton’s game. It can pulverize your opponent’s playing. So let's get Nubie-style Jump Smash Tricks below.

The hard badminton smash is jump smash. Because you must have accuracy feeling to apply it. Jump smash begins with a jump, and the shuttle must be over the head. 

Well, here are some things you must understand firstly before practicing jump smash attacks.

1)     Momentum/Timing
Momentum (timing) is important thing mostly. That’s absolutely important so you can hit the shuttle better in the sweet spot.
2)     The shuttle’s position
For position, the shuttle must be far enough less than 1 meters in front of you.
3)     Power
If timing is right and position of shuttlecock also right, then prepare the maximum power. If your power is weak, so it’s not smash, it is drop shot. This is different.
4)     Your position after jump smash.
The position after jump must be lean forward, so shuttlecock return are easier.

Generally, there are 2 techniques of jump smash:
a.      Scissor technique
As name, the movement of this technique is foot migrating from the left in front to the right in front, so the term becomes a scissor technique.
b.      Bucking technique
This technique is often used by professional players.

In addition to mastering the correct jump smash, we also should be knowing the technique to fend off opponent’s smash. To fend off the smash, the most ideal racket position is in the middle and humpback slightly with both legs open to the side (Horse Stance).

That position makes us more prepared. Although smash attacks left or right will not be a problem as long as we ready and reflex or responsive, also the body position. Keep on relax condition.

Smash ball is a ball that comes with high speed or can more quickly depend on the player. And also one of the attack blows to eliminate an opponent. Smash return requires quick reflexes.

Generally, beginner player is feeling nervous when receiving an attack. Moreover sounds booming.

Remember! The nervous feeling will hinder the body’s movement. So shuttlecock returns are not maximal. It would be better if we could estimate the direction of opponent’s smash (this is usually owned by experienced players) so that the body can be more prepared to accept it.

The most important if you expect to be an expert in blocking or fend off blows is expand practice receiving smash with your friend because practice makes perfect. So we will be more accustomed to receiving smash while playing.

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