How to Choose Best Badminton Racket for Beginners

How to Choose Best Badminton Racket for beginners
If you are new in badminton, you may be concerned about choosing the best Badminton racket for beginners like you.

Some of your friends might say that you should try every racket on the market and choose what is fit to you most, but the reality is, it will cost you much money to try all types of rackets on the market.
Of course, you can borrow your friend's, but I don't think that your friend has enough amount of racket to try.

Or your friends may say "you can choose the cheapest racket" or "you should choose expensive racket", this suggestion is somehow wrong. Because the price of the racket has no correlation with conformity.
So, how to choose the best Badminton racket for beginners?
  1. One racket doesn't fit all
The speed and power of shuttlecock generated from what is called "momentum", if you ever learn physics you must know what momentum is.
It will determine the wether the shuttlecock goes fast of slow.

And some parameters which created momentum are:

  1. Wrist swing speed
  2. Racket Wight
  3. Racket flexibility
  4. Track balance point

One Racket will not fit all beginners, because there are beginners who have slow swing speed and fast swing speed. The power of the swing is also different.

If you want to get the best racket, you should notice your swing ability.
  1. Swing Ability
Beginners usually have slow wrist swing speed. I don't say that beginners have low hand strength. Wrist strength and swing speed are different.

Beginner May has strong hands and wrists, but when he swings the racket, he will not make as fast as the professionals do.

The more speed you have, the more moment you get.
If you never play badminton or just a few times, I recommend you to choose a racket that has good shaft flexibility.

Because it will increase your momentum to gain more swing speed.
  1. The Racket weight.
There are 5 racket weights that you should know before buy
U = 95-99 grams
2U = 90-94 grams
3U = 85-89 grams
4U = 80-84 grams
5U = 75-79 grams

The more heavy the racket, the more momentum it has. It doesn't mean that you should use the lightest one, as I say, one racket doesn't fit all.
  1. Flexibility Of Shaft
The racket has 3 parts, they are :

-The frame (where the string installed)

There are some shafts that stiff and flexible, if you have slow swing speed, I recommend you choose flexible shaft because it will help you improve your momentum. If it combines with 3U racket. It will be best for you.

But if you have a good swing, you may use stiff shafts with heavy weight. Cause a flexible shaft will decrease your momentum.
  1. Recommended racket
Yonex Nanospeed 100
this racket has a flexible shaft and medium 3U weight performance, it will fit beginners who have low swing speed.
Flexibility will increase speed, and the weight will keep the momentum.

Yonex Carbonex 7000, Yonex Muscle Power 7
These rackets are best for medium swing speed, it has medium shaft flexibility and medium weight.

Yonex Carbonex 6000, Yanex Muscle Power 5
these rackets have stiff shafts and heavy U weight, it will help beginner who has a fast swing to make more momentum and shuttlecock speed

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